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What's In A Name

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Why Felicity?

'Felicity' has several meanings for us and provides a great representation of our school, values, and qualities that we strive to develop in our staff and students.


Felicity - The Definition

The word felicity states our approach to education. School must be a tremendous learning environment, but it also should be an enjoyable experience!

1) The quality or state of being happy; especially: great happiness, joy

2) A source of happiness

3) A pleasing manner or quality especially in art or language

4) A skillful faculty: felicity of expression.

Felicia Beth Nekritz

Felicia Beth Nekritz was a wonderful person committed to the rights of others and the belief that all human beings deserve the best possible advocacy. For Felicia, this manifested itself in her passion in the State’s Attorney’s office where she served as a Juvenile Defense Lawyer. She held the fundamental belief that all people are inherently good. She feverishly defended at-risk youth and spent her spare time volunteering

as a legal assistance to the homeless. Most importantly, Felicia was a vibrant soul who enjoyed life and made life better for all whom she touched. She was an athlete, writer, lawyer, and good friend to many.  Despite succumbing to breast cancer in her twenties fourteen years ago, Felicia still serves as an inspiration to many. Felicity School is committed to living up to the high ethical and moral standards demonstrated by Felicia Beth Nekritz throughout her short life. We are incredibly proud to be tied to her spirit with our name.

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About Us

Core Values

 Felicity School is designed to serve students who are eligible for special education services in the categories of Emotional Disability (ED), Learning Disability (LD), and Other Health Impaired (OHI).

Felicity School is a non-traditional, school environment with open and flexible spaces that ameliorates some of the negative feelings that students might associate with a more traditional school setting. Our student to staff ratio is a maximum of 10 students working with 2 staff members (one certified teacher and one paraprofessional).  Related Services staff are available as directed by each student’s Individual Education Plan.


  •  All students can achieve greatness.
  •  Education is a partnership with community, parents, school faculty, local businesses and more.
  •  Learning happens best in a safe, friendly, positive environment.
  •  The whole individual should be developed integrating the body, spirit, and mind.
  •  Experiential learning is critical for development and growth.
  • Developing social-emotional skills is crucial to a well-rounded education.
  • Behaviours are best developed with positive supports.
  • We value choice, independence, and accountability and will provide these to all our  students and staff.
  •  We value our diverse learners and diversity in our staff.
  •  Academic growth will occur as we utilize data, individualize instruction, teach to strengths, and remediate weaker areas.

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